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Learn More about HDL & LDL Cholesterol

I'm DAVID KANN MD MPH FACC, an expert in HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol and am located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  More people die each year from heart attacks and strokes than from all cancers added together.  Worse yet, these deaths are preventable.  Nevertheless, very few physicians are screening for the true culprit: small dense cholesterol particles.

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Cholesterol & Heart Disease

As physicians we have been concerned with total cholesterol values (LDL and HDL), but as it turns out, the size of those cholesterol particles is equally or more important.  LDL cholesterol is deposited in arterial walls and forms what is refered to as plaque, which ultimately leads to heart attacks and strokes. However, not all LDL particles are equally likely to do this kind of damage. If they're very small, they can easily penetrate the arterial lining and deposit plaque; if they're large, they are much less likely to cause these difficulties.

 Very few physicians test for LDL particle size, even though tests have been available for decades.  Considering that these tests are generally covered by insurance, there's no reason not to utilize them.  Come to my office to arrange for this type of test. Studies show that it is possible to reduce the risk of heart attacks by as much as 90%  if a full evaluation is performed and proper therapy made available.